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10 Reasons to Use Dwyer Aluminum Cabinets


Want the best value in cabinets? Specify the best materials you can afford! Best materials reduce expensive maintenance and repairs, resulting in peace of mind.    

Reduced Maintenance is Reason #4 to trust aluminum cabinets from Dwyer Products. Cabinets that fail cause cranky tenants, work disruption, lost revenues, and even health issues.

  • Hinges yanked from wood cabinets
  • Mold hiding in broken or peeled laminate      
  • Mildew in wood
  • Wood finishes fail 
  • High cost of repair

Virtually eliminate maintenance by demanding Dwyer aluminum cabinets. Dwyer metal hinges bolt metal to metal to the cabinet wall(not into wood or particleboard). Your aluminum cabinets are safe from termites and mold.  

What does peace of mind look like?  


  • 10 year warranty
  • Annual Warranty Cards Reminder
  • Indoor Air Quality certified (IAQ)
  • Aluminum is sustainable.
  • No Rust, No Mold, No Bugs 

Dwyer’s decision to use 5052-H32 aluminum to create beautiful painted cabinets is an example of American ingenuity.Dwyer is affordable, sustainable, durable, and made in the USA!

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