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Dwyer Products is dedicated to providing healthcare facility owners healthy and flexible indoor environments.  We design, manufacture, install and service a complete line of modular cabinets and casework consisting of over 45,000 SKU’s to address the challenge of constantly changing environments in acute care facilities. Evolving technology, design flexibility and cost containment pressure all require new thinking. We offer solutions to fit every area of your organization including Pharmacies, Laboratories, Nurses’ Stations, OR Areas, ER Areas, Patient Room, Procedure Areas, Exam Rooms, and Reception.


Dwyer is a durable and attractive line of GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® modular metal cabinets, available in stainless steel, powder coated steel and aluminum. We use these unique materials to craft the longest lasting and lowest VOC emitting cabinet on the market. Our products are available in dozens of finishes and can be paired with any type of cabinet door, including steel, thermofoil or wood. We also offer many countertop material selections including stainless steel, corian and laminate to complement your cabinets.


What does Dwyer fit into its full line of modular kitchens? Everything.
Dwyer is the single source supplier for a complete line of compact kitchens. We offer a broad line of modular components, designed for efficiency and style, in hundreds of finishes that allow you to create a kitchenette of almost any size with exactly the look you want and as much capabilty as you need.